Rudi Bindella by Franco Tettamanti

Rudi Bindella

* 1948, Swiss, Food Entrepreneur & Winemaker
It is probably no coincidence that the Bindella family businesses owe their success to humble Italian family values, besides the gifted skills of Rudi Bindella, of course, who, in third generation, has transformed it into one of the largest and independent restaurant operators in Switzerland, with over 40 ristoranti (e.g. Cantinetta Antinori, Conti, Kornhauskeller, Ornellaia, Terrasse, Santa Lucia, Spaghetti Factory), 1'300 employees and a winery in Montepulciano in Italy.

Bindella gives all his spaces a soul. Not only does he spend hours choreographing and perfecting the lighting for morning, noon and evening in summer and winter, but he also composes newsletters himself and writes down his business philosophy in his poetic style (which he hands out to the entire staff) and exemplifies it daily in one of his ristoranti. He says "Only a warm-hearted, attentive, caring personality can hope to be a perfect host." And boss, I might add.

Rudi Bindella has surprised me with his authentic, generous kindness and it shall be my example from now on. He has learned a long time ago that it is important to be satisfied with what you do. "That you are happy with what is, and not chase after something else - that is quite essential. There's a reason why the word ‘zufrieden’ contains ‘Frieden’," he explains. "To be at peace with yourself, so that you can say ‘Thank you’ that this moment can be the way it is now... that's important! And I actually can do that every day."

Rudi Bindella has five children and lives with his wife in Zurich.
Rudi Bindella by Franco Tettamanti
Rudi Bindella by Franco Tettamanti
Rudi Bindella by Franco Tettamanti
Rudi Bindella by Franco Tettamanti
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